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Bringing a contemporary look and feel to a well established identity

Finnegan Menton, a long time established and prestigious Irish estate agents, asked us to modernise their existing brand identity.

The challenge of the project was to move the brand forward in a contemporary way, sensitively capturing the existing heritage of this well established brand.


Vard Brand Design set about a brand discovery process in which learning’s were taken from the market sector, competitors, market trends, etc. A unique brand equity that features strongly in the old identity is their iconic building on Merrion Row, Dublin. Retaining this presented a creative challenge, bringing a traditional establishment to rest alongside a contemporary dynamic business.

As well as being an elegant marque that works on small applications, the brand needed to be reproduced on large scale signage by the nature of the business. The result was an elegant brand marque positioned on a two tone color background that can conveyed elegance and prestige in a modern contemporary way.

The identity was crafted to deliver a confident prestigious feel that reflects their strong reputation and leading position in their markets.


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